At HAMBURG-TECHNIC manufacturing is much more than the production of automotive spare parts. Manufacturing begins with taking the idea of the part and engineering its design to perfection.

HAMBURG-TECHNIC invests a great deal of time and effort into research, detailed specifications, prototype samples and quality assurance tests conducted both at the factory level as well as Corporate Headquarters, well before a part ever reaches the production line.

With the extensive efforts put forth by the HAMBURG-TECHNIC engineers during the development stages of a part, we take tremendous pride in the HT brand. HAMBURG-TECHNIC parts are developed under the stringent guidelines of our Engineering Team and are overseen and tested during the manufacturing process.

Production is carried out at the facilities of selected partners in our international manufacturing network. The

HAMBURG-TECHNIC Engineering Team has tremendous experience coupled with an in-depth understanding of innovative manufacturing processes, allowing HAMBURG-TECHNIC to produce parts with the highest possible precision and quality.
Thanks to flexibility and minimal production times, HAMBURG-TECHNIC can quickly respond to current spare part requirements in the independent aftermarket. Many times being first to market!

The winning combination of incomparable engineering and variable manufacturing options has made HAMBURG-TECHNIC the #1 choice in automotive aftermarket spare parts.

Driving the Aftermarket